4:00 p.m.

Early Check In:
With additional cost if your income is before the Check In time.

Non-Smoking Hotel in rooms:
$60,000 fine for violating Law No. 20,660, in force in Chile.

People per room:
Children up to 3 years old are allowed free of charge, sharing a room with their parents. Additional bed fee: $10,000 per night.

Income Policies:
All guests (children and adults) must present their identification (identity card or passport) at the time of Check In; otherwise you will not be able to register.

    Our accepted means of payment are:
    Credit card, debit card and cash; in local currency or dollars.

    The values ​​are subject to 19% VAT, however, foreign guests not resident in Chile who pay in dollars or international credit cards, presenting their immigration card and passport at Check In, will be exempt from this tax.

    In the room:

    • Excessive volume music or disturbing noises will not be allowed in the room
    • It is not allowed to consume food inside the room

    12:00 p.m. (midday)

    Late check-out:
    With an additional cost of $15,000 until 3:00 p.m.

    Pets:Pets up to 10kg and trained are allowed, they can sleep in the guest room, they cannot enter the restaurant. Owners must be responsible for the behavior and cleanliness of their pets' feces.

    For quotes for events or more than 6 rooms, please contact the email:

    covid measures
    We follow current protocols of the plan step by step 

    It is not allowed to enter the Hotel:

    • In a state of drunkness
    • Violent people in the treatment of their companions, other guests or our staff

    Cancellation policy:

    • To request rescheduling, you must notify 72 hours in advance, rescheduling based on availability
    • To request a refund, you must notify 5 days in advance.